Don't make the mistake of buying computer products by yourself.  You think you are doing the right thing.  You're not.  You'll end up spending more, getting stuff you don't need or can't use.  

3Nines has been selling only the best HP commercial computer products to our clients for over 17 years.  Over that time, we have developed standards and processes to help our clients get the products they need, can afford and that will last.  Our purchasing team helps make those purchasing decisions that are at times difficult to make.  Which model laptop is best for our applications?  How much disk or memory do I need? Can I get a docking station?   What is the normal monitor that most businesses buy?   How long will this product last in my office?    3Nines experts walk you through this process so that you get our many years of experience in making this decision a sound one.

Let our experts design a standardized, HP system for you today!     Call us a 405-488-8000 ext. 103 to get started.

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