Security Cameras    OK ST LICENSE 9135

Security cameras have come a long way since the days of VCR recordings of pretty lousy video. Today, megapixel cameras and hard disk recordings have really made an impact on quality and retention of commercial video security systems.

3Nines offers a wide variety of systems from the hybrid system with inexpensive analog cameras recording to a digital video recorder with hard disk recording... to an all IP based system with high resolution megapixel IP cameras and a computer with software for hard disk recording and playback of the video. 

Axis is the hands down leader in IP security camera technology.  Their new Camera Companion software lets the camera record the video at the camera or for longer storage times to a network attached hard drive.  No software needed after the inital install!  High resolution IP video while eliminating the high costs of a NVR/DVR and software licensing.  Call us to provide you a quote!

LuxRiot software from 3Nines make a perfect companion to analog and IP cameras alike. Whether you have a convenience store, a storage facility, warehouse or office environment…we’ll put together the right cameras and the right software to match your needs with the right system.  Nothing is packaged already to try and fit your needs into it.  We’ll put the right components together to fit your requirements.  Not too much, not too little and all at the right price.  Call 3Nines today for a free analysis of your security camera needs.

Access Control   OK ST LICENSE 9135

Access Control is a fancy term for electronic door locks. At 3Nines, we can design and install systems that will provide a real sense of security for you and your employees. They give you the peace of mind that your doors are getting locked when they are suppose to. You also know via reporting who came into your facility and when.

eMerge™ is an electronic door lock system that enables you to keep track of holidays to keep the doors locked when you don’t show up on Monday for the Labor Day holiday….very convenient. The system can be controlled and programmed remotely so you can make changes on the fly when needed. And best of all, forget about changing door locks just because you had an employee quit or get fired. You simply tell the system that his or her fob is no longer active and they can’t get in anymore… this will pay for the price of the system over time, especially if you have lots of turnover.

Call 3Nines today for a free analysis of your needs. We’ll bring state of the art security to your business! You can even add IP security cameras to make your system even cooler (and more secure) !