3NINES TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is an Oklahoma based Corporation providing managed technology services to small and medium size business clients. In addition, we provide a wide range of computer products, small business telephone systems, access control systems, IP security cameras, Dental office integration and more. Our pledge to you is one of technical expertise, honesty, experience and professionalism.

Success Stories

We have hundreds of satisfied clients, but here are just a few select success stories from our work.

Flourish Compound Pharmacy

Flourish became a 3Nines client in 2012 as they were preparing to move and build a wonderful new facility.  3Nines provided telephones, network infrastructure, security cameras and access control for the new facility.  They also are featured on first quarter 2014's 3Nines commercials on television.   Go by and see Flourish's new facility at 14720 N. Pennsylvania in Oklahoma City, just a block or so North of Dick's Sporting Goods.

Brewer Carpet

Brewer Carpet has also been a 3Nines customer since 2003.  Also known as the Floor Trader and Carpet One and many other business names and locations, Brewer has used 3Nines extensively to keep their locations around the country up and running with 3Nines reliability.  With retail locations, their systems have to be ready when the customer walks in the door.

Colon and Rectal Surgery of OKC

A 3Nines customer since 2006, C&R Surgery of OKC depends on 3Nines to support their growing network.  From laptops, IPads and server technologies, Colon Rectal Surgury uses it all. 

Drs. Heath and Eckroat, Johnson, Amos, Hooper, Kennemer, Chandler, Loper, Roberts, McGarry, McCaskill, Beasley, Rykard, Brooks, Alspaugh, Polkinghorne, Lewis, Henderson, Fagan, Ryan, Schick, Lembke, Baggett  and so many more dentists, physicians and surgens rely on 3Nines for their network infrastructure, servers, telephones, security camera systems and access control.  Healthcare professionals across the state of Oklahoma rely on 3Nines for their IT support, computer products and top shelf services.

Orthopedic Associates, Inc.

Orthopedic Associates operates a full service orthopedic practice and surgery center and has for over 40 years. The top rated physicians and surgeons provide a comprehensive range of the latest surgical services.  They rely on 3Nines to keep their network and computer technology running at peak performance. 

John Vance Auto Group

John Vance Auto Group  has been serving the Oklahoma City metro area for the last 25 years.  From their comfortable dealership network in Guthrie, the serve 11 domestic makes of auto's to serve their customers.   3Nines has been able to keep John Vance's computer technology up and running when others couldn't.  When it comes to serving their customers, John Vance and 3Nines are a great team.

Total Environment

Dating back to early 2001, Total Environment has been a long time client of 3Nines.   Total Environment serves commercial clients all around the greater metro area with nursery products, lawn services and a host of upscale services that only Total can provide.   From an early network server installation to outfitting Total with a complete telephone system and then access control, 3Nines has grown with Total Environment through the years.

RKI Exploration & Production

Almost since their inception, RKI has used 3Nines for their computer technology investments.  3Nines has grown with RKI while providing the necessary technological guidance and support to allow RKI to develop into a leader in the energy business.


For over a century, Dolese has provided construction materials for the construction industry.  They not only make concrete, but offer a vast array of sand, gravel, rock, stone, block and masonry products.  With over 1000 employees and 70 facilities, Dolese relies on 3Nines to supplement their existing IT staff with technology expertise and experience. 


A customer of 3Nines since 2003, Duit Construction has relied on 3Nines for network support, product purchasing and network monitoring.  Duit builds many of the highways that Oklahoman's travel on everyday.  They heavily rely on the uptime and dependability of their network.  With the help of 3Nines, it is an integral part of their competitive advantage.

Linn Energy

Linn Energy is one of the top 15 independent U.S oil and natural gas companies.  Linn has relied on 3Nines for providing network support when their existing IT staff gets over loaded, vacations or they have a big roll out.  Providing help desk support to companies with an existing IT staff helps keep the existing staff free to handle executives or projects that need completion. 

For a complete list of referrals that would help you determine if 3Nines is right for you, please email us at sales@3Ninestech.com and we’ll be happy to provide these to you.

3Nine’s customer list reads like a who’s who of Oklahoma business. We provide services to small business clients as well as organizations that are some of the largest companies in their classification.

  • Dentists
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • CPA’s
  • Law Firms
  • Medical Doctors
  • Construction Firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Service Companies
  • Financial Services
  • And more!